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Southampton Weather......

Bouncy castles should NOT be used in wet or windy weather. The industry recommend a maximum wind speed of force 5 on the Beaufort Scale (see bottom of page for explanation)
Force 5 is a fresh breeze (when leaves on small trees begin to sway), whereas
force 6 is a strong breeze (when large branches are in motion).
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If you suspect bad weather then why not have an indoor bouncy castle party?
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The Beaufort Scale

Beaufort number Wind speed Description Wave height Sea conditions Land conditions Sea state photo
km/h mph kts m/s m ft
0 <1 <1 <1 <0.3 Calm 0 0 Flat. Calm. Smoke rises vertically.
1 1-5 1-3 1-2 0.3-1.5 Light air 0.1 0.33 Ripples without crests. Wind motion visible in smoke.
2 6-11 3-7 3-6 1.5-3.3 Light breeze 0.2 0.66 Small wavelets. Crests of glassy appearance, not breaking Wind felt on exposed skin. Leaves rustle.
3 12-19 8-12 7-10 3.3-5.5 Gentle breeze 0.6 2 Large wavelets. Crests begin to break; scattered whitecaps Leaves and smaller twigs in constant motion.
4 20-28 13-17 11-15 5.5-8.0 Moderate breeze 1 3.3 Small waves. Dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move.
5 29-38 18-24 16-20 8.0-10.8 Fresh breeze 2 6.6 Moderate (1.2 m) longer waves. Some foam and spray. Branches of a moderate size move. Small trees begin to sway.
6 39-49 25-30 21-26 10.8-13.9 Strong breeze 3 9.9 Large waves with foam crests and some spray. Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in overhead wires. Umbrella use becomes difficult. Empty plastic garbage cans tip over.

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